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What is Super Bowl 53?

It’s the Super Bowl – this year between the LA Rams and New England Patriots – the cherry on the highest point of the cake that has been the 2018/19 NFL season.

This is the greatest amusement in American game, a standout amongst the most-watched matches in the TV brandishing timetable, and the night when it truly pays to know your zone-read offense from your blundered punts.

(Kindly note: Knowing what these things mean could conceivably have any effect on your pleasure in the amusement).

The current year’s occasion is the 53rd time the diversion has been organized, in this way, as per Roman numerical custom, it will be known as Super Bowl LIII.

As is likewise conventional, the diversion will pit the champs of the AFC (New England Patriots) and NFC (LA Rams) gatherings against each other in a round of four fourth of 15 minutes which some way or another contrives to take around four hours.

The victor will bring home the Vince Lombardi trophy yet additionally gain the directly to splash their mentor with a major basin of shockingly hued caffeinated drink and have their edgy quarterback yell the expression “I’m going to Disneyworld” into the receiver of an obliging communicate columnist:

When does the Super Bowl kick-off?

The current year’s diversion happens on Sunday 3 February 2019.

What time is kick-off in the UK?

Commencement is expected at 23.30 GMT, 18.30 neighborhood time.

What TV channel is it on?

You have a decision. You can remain in the organization of the most focused man in NFL broadcasting Neil Reynolds, who has guided us through by far most of the period on Sky Sports. Or then again you can switch it up and attempt the crude dark horse that is BBC One.